The Tele-Partner is an hybrid video-game, something between a classic pong system and a more advanced console since it does not only play classic pong games (tennis, soccer, squash & practice) but also two shooting games (via a light-gun) and four motor-cycle games (drag race, stunt cycle, motor cross, enduro).

Conceived in Hong-Kong, it was sold by Tele-Partner in Italy. It uses the same plastic case as many other europeans systems of that time. With its 10 games, this must be one of the most sophisticated videogame systems based on General Instruments chipsets. The AY-3-8512 chip offers the 4 pong games and 2 shooting games, while the AY-3-8760 offers the 4 motor-cycle games.

Attached to the console are two paddles (with no fire button). Service is automatic or set via the buttons on the system panel. Another controller can be connected to the back of the Tele-Partner in order to play the motor-cycle games. In the same way, if you want to play shooting games, you must connect the light-gun sold (?) with the system.

The box of this particular system seems to be generic for all other Tele-Partner models (or systems conceived by the same Hong-Kong manufacturer) as it shows games not available for this console (see More Picture pages) : Tank Battle and Hockey (with horizontal movements). A blank space at the bottom left of the box is reserved for hand written model reference, here "G".